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Bluegrass with Friends has just published the fifth book in the series, Bass Book ONE . Fiddle Book ONE, Mando Book ONE,  Guitar Book ONE, and Banjo Book ONE are also available. 
Mike is classroom testing the books with his students and making small corrections to improve the books even more. If you are interested in bulk purchases of books for a class or music store, please get in touch for discounted pricing.
Where can I find the videos? 
Click the VIDEOS link from the menu above. From the Videos page, click an item to take you to the YouTube channel, where the videos will be arranged in playlists by the name of the book, for example, Bluegrass with Friends Banjo Book ONE. The remaining videos that match the books exactly will be available soon. Mike is actively working on them.
As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to send your questions and comments.
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